1. S

    Trump, “checks and balances”

    Trump, “checks and balances”. Candidate Donald Trump demonstrated little regard for anyone or anything other than himself and what believed to be associated and favorable to himself; the president continues to behave and express himself in that same manner. He’s chosen to disregard some of...
  2. P@triot

    It is so nice to once again have a president who doesn't hate the United States

    After 8 years of the Obama - whose foreign policy was made up of bashing the United States followed by apologizing for us, and whose domestic policy was made up of bashing the United States and dividing all of us, it is so nice to see a president who respects our great country and honors our...
  3. miketx

    Why did we stop wearing hats?

    In every old movie, you could see similar images as the above. I was just wondering, what happened that most people stopped wearing these kinds of hats. and when?

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