toni morrison

  1. cnelsen

    OK, the truth about Angry White Men

    The plastic remote on my Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Blanket went haywire last night and made me oversleep, so I spent the day in my spaghetti-strap T-shirt and my favorite pair of wind pants from the Adidas outlet store out on Interstate 95 binge-watching the Death Wish series because I...
  2. AveryJarhman

    Re: Author Toni Morrison; God Help the Child

    Toni Morrison: ‘I’m writing for black people … I don’t have to apologise’ Ms. Toni Morrison informed the people of our world, "I'm writing for black people … I don’t have to apologise" Dear Ms. Morrison, with all due respect I, Avery Jarhman, an American citizen who spent twelve years of my...

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