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  1. Ancient lion

    Prophet Muhammad on Christians

    1- “The Christians… respected my alliance. They recognized my rights. They fulfilled the promises that they had made during our meeting. They assisted the lieutenants that I had sent to the frontiers. They earned my concern and my affection by fulfilling the obligations that I had contracted...
  2. P@triot

    Are progressives actually open-minded?

    Progressives claim to be "open-minded" but over the past decade or so, all evidence to the contrary. That is, until I came across this article from a homosexual muslim immigrant named Riaz Patel. He illustrated a true open-mind. I wonder how many progressives on USMB would even be willing to...
  3. Compost

    Honey Maid Wants Americans to Be More Tolerant, Accepting

    I think Honey Maid should stick to selling graham crackers and spare us the lecture on tolerance. Honey Maid, the breakfast cereal brand, has launched a new ad campaign, urging Americas to be more accepting of one another, "whether people are of a different race, sexuality, if they are...
  4. anotherlife

    What's the best desert trail?

    I would like to go to walk on a desert trail this time. Somewhere in the US south west or Australia. I would like it to be a challenge too, something that not many people can do. I would also like to test my heat tolerance. Do you know such trails? I did Alpine trails in the past, and this...

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