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  1. phoenyx

    One more reason not to vote for Trump...

    After looking at the article linked to at the bottom of this post, I just pin it as one more reason not to vote for Trump. Other civilized comments on the article are welcome. Here's an excerpt of said article: **Sheena Monnin saw beauty pageants as [a] way to fulfill her potential – she never...
  2. Never3ndr

    Anybody Else Ready for Trump v Hillary?

    I'm (obviously) not a fan of Trump, but, like many people here, I'm also not a fan of Hillary. With that in mind, the one good thing that Trump is great at is being sort of like the internet troll of politicians and just saying outrageously inflammatory or controversial statements. With the...
  3. Never3ndr

    Give Credit Where Credit is Due, Good on Trump

    Let me be honest, I'm a moderate liberal and a staunch critic of Trump, his campaign, and his "policy" stances. However, I try to remain objective and give credit where credit is due. With that in mind, I felt it necessary to highlight one of the few things Trump has said that I agree with...
  4. Never3ndr

    Perhaps the Best Thing about Trump's Campaign

    He (and his supporters) make for some great comedy. #JohnOliver

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