1. Robert Urbanek

    Another advantage for big box stores

    Since they sell groceries, big box stores like Walmart and Target can stay open in California during the coronavirus shutdowns. But they sell a lot else: clothes, electronics, toys, etc. Given they cannot guarantee a “safe distance” between shoppers or shoppers and clerks and salespeople, why...
  2. P@triot

    Target policies facilitate victims for predators

    Just as liberals wanted and just as conservatives predicted would happen... Two weeks after Target announced that its women’s bathrooms were open to anyone whose “gender identity” led him there, police in a town in Texas issued a warrant for what was unmistakably a man who was spotted by a girl...
  3. midcan5

    CDZ Christian Hate Groups

    If Fox media and presidential candidate Donald Trump among others insist we add to an act of terrorism and hate, a religious qualifier, then is it not fair that we call out Christian hate organizations. There are many of them and just like any other religion they claim to be the followers of God...

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