syria chemical weapons

  1. HaShev

    More Blunders showing up after the Former Administration is Gone

    PBS will have to replace CNN for serious REAL news. PBS reports Syria is using chemical weapons again, most likely Sarin and Assad is most likely the one using it. SO much for former administration claiming it removed all chemical weapons. PERHAPS BECAUSE Dems and liberal media brainwashed...
  2. I

    Did the U.S. blame the wrong side for Syria (Ghouta) chemical attack?

    US News mentions a comprehensive, transparent probabilistic analysis of the Ghouta events by Rootclaim. It says that it is 92% likely that the attack was carried out by opposition forces.
  3. washamericom

    i'm still unclear, is it ok for assad to use chemical weapons or not ??

    this is in politics so i'll justify it being here. it's obama's foreign policy, and would be bernie's or hillary's or martin o'malley's (or as trump calls o'malley "the third guy") Trump would not have first drawn that ridiculous red line that would change our calculus. i think security is...

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