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  1. S

    Survey for Veterans and Active duty! Please any help is appreciated

    Hello my name is Steven. I'm a researcher at FIU and I'm currently a part of a study involving veterans and active duty. The survey goes over risk and resilience and your contribution would really help us understand military life and its effects on the psyche. Any help is appreciated. Direct...
  2. Misaki

    Survey: "Do smart people care about stupid people?"

    Survey is on Google Forms, but does not require a login (which is used to prevent multiple responses, so don't do that): Do smart people care about stupid people? One person who took the survey said "I don't think the title reflects the question asked very accurately." So the actual question in...
  3. A

    US election survey!

    Hi, this is a brief political survey (13 questions long) about the recent US presidential election, for those interested. I want to learn a little more about those who voted (that is, Americans who were eligible): US Political Survey This survey is strictly voluntary, you may choose to...
  4. A

    Race Relations in America

    Take this survey about Race Relations between blacks and whites in the United States! This 1st survey is for people ages 13-59. Forms(Google Forms) Millennials Race Relations Survey Race Relations Survey This next survey is for people 60+ Forms(Google Forms) Senior Race Relations Survey...
  5. emmahirschy

    Political Science Survey: How has the image of America been affected from the election of Trump?

    Hey guys I am currently working on a survey for my final project in my political science class. If you could, please help me out by answering these questions, that would be great. 1. What is your political affiliation? 2. How do you think the image of America has been affected after...
  6. Lewdog

    HUGE favor: Law Enforcement Abuse of Power Research Survey

    For those that haven't read some of my posts, I'm currently enrolled as a Senior in Criminal Justice at Eastern Kentucky University. This semester I am taking a course in Criminal Justice Research. The main research project for the course involves doing a Criminal Justice Research Survey...

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