1. S

    Democrats should immediately confront the minimum wage rate.

    Democrats regained the congressional House. Now they should immediately confront the federal minimum wage rate issue. I’m among those that advocate a minimum wage rate gradually increased to higher purchasing power and thereafter monitored and (when necessary to retain its targeted purchasing...
  2. Litwin

    Muscovite ("Russian" ) war on Ukraine

    what do you know about Muscovite war on Ukraine ? strategy, numbers , etc.? " The "Russian" Military Forum "Russia"'s Hybrid War Campaign Implications for Ukraine and Beyond"
  3. 5

    Trump's two-part position on Muslims

    Trump says: 1) Ban Muslims from entering our country ...until 2) The administration gets its act together on properly vetting these people and is certain it (Administration) can keep us safe.. So, any problem here? Smart in my view. What say you?

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