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stolen election

  1. Cellblock2429

    BREAKING: democrat claims his election was stolen from him.

    Oh, the irony is sweet. Democratic candidate Vicente Gonzalez claims Mayra Flores, supporters 'stole' Texas special election. Gonzalez made the remarks alongside...
  2. Street Juice

    And it's not just voter fraud

    Here's another way this election was stolen. Not long before the election, the hard drive of an abandoned laptop owned by Joe Biden’s son Hunter revealed a gigantic international corruption scheme, quite possibility involving the candidate himself. But the facts of this enormous political...
  3. Street Juice

    I have to admit--there is something magical about Joe Biden

    My voting precinct is mostly black and when I voted a little after noon on election day, I was the only one there, and one person came in while I was voting. Lunch hour. One person. The little counter thing on the machine you put your ballot in was in single digits. I asked the canvassers...
  4. SYTFE

    "Forget The Conspiracy Stuff, Tens Of Thousands of Ballots Were Not Counted"

    Investigative reporter, Greg Palast, who's been reporting on various programs designed to target specific voting groups such as "CrossCheck," says that "hacking is not an issue." It's the fact that tens of thousands of ballots simply were not counted, thanks to these voter suppression efforts...

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