1. deanrd

    Do you think they’ll laugh at trump at the United Nations like they did last time?

    Do you think they’ll laugh at trump at the United Nations like they did last time? Watch live: Trump gives remarks at UN event on religious freedom Trump is going to be talking in front of the United Nations live in just a little while. Supposedly his speech is going to be mostly about...
  2. S

    Wow! Standing ovation for Tomi Lahren Amazing speech

  3. S

    Ambassador Nikki Haley SHUTS United Nation Up with her amazing speech "There VOTE are IRRELEVANT"

  4. simpsolover

    Every governor thinks THEIR state is the best

    Every governor thinks their state is the absolute best. I feel like this video does a great job showing that:
  5. MindWars

    Listen: Hillary Clinton blames everyone but herself ( audio recording)

    LISTEN: Hillary Clinton Blames Everyone But Herself (AUDIO RECORDING) NEW YORK - An audio recording (listen below) has surfaced of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blaming Russian president Vladimir Putin and FBI Director James Comey for her loss to President-elect Donald Trump...
  6. cnelsen

    This is your DNC

  7. MindWars

    Eyewitnesses to Trump scare in Reno speak out.

    EYEWITNESSES TO TRUMP SCARE IN RENO SPEAK OUT Here's what happened Eyewitnesses who were in attendance at Donald Trump’s Reno, Nevada, rally on November 5, 2016 speak out about what they saw when a reported assassin was tackled by Secret Service. Eyewitnesses to Trump Scare in Reno Speak Out...
  8. Compost

    Anti-Muslim Rhetoric needs Agressive Action

    Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use 'Anti-Muslim' Speech That 'Edges Toward Violence' The day after a horrific shooting spree by a "radicalized" Muslim man and his partner in San Bernardino, California, Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged to a group of Muslim activists that she...
  9. 1Ganger

    Trump speaks about Christian Syrian people.

    The horrors those poor people go through. I had a friend that was a christian in Syria working at a Christian radio station in Damascus. They all where murdered... just 1 of 1,000's of tragic stories. They are so brave while we do nothing for them. Here is the full speech if you want to...
  10. 1Ganger

    Trump talks about Israel National Security

    Thank god he loves israel unlike someone we all know.. cough... He did such a good speech. Go Trump! Here is the Full Speech if you wanna watch it also. He did such a great job. I'm proud of him. Thanks!

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