special prosecutor

  1. OKTexas

    It Seems Trump Was Fully Justified In Firing Comey

    Think about it, Comey had Manafort on his radar for more than three years and couldn't close the case. It took Mueller less than 6 months to get indictments. Comey's obvious incompetence brings into question every case Comey oversaw as director of the FBI. He has continuously displayed poor...
  2. cnelsen

    The questions begin to pile up

    Washington is such a stinking cesspool of filth, no one even notices that John "Deputy Dog" Mueller is the skunk at the picnic. Well over a year after the FBI began investigating “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought in his first...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Last Days of the Pompous POTUS

    It is time for this thread!! The end is near! This will be the thread where we track his inevitable fall from grace-if in fact he ever has any grace. The Trump presidency is circling the drain . While I am by no means thrilled at the prospect of a President Pence, he, at least will not be a...

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