1. midcan5

    Paul Ryan

    Just like his hero Ayn Rand, and his/her economic libertarianism, Paul Ryan is a failure at governance, he should have stayed in the background where immature economic thought works it magic because it does nothing but fantasize. Today, like Rand in her later years, he is a welfare recipient of...
  2. J

    Roll call vote for Paul Ryan as speaker of the House __ Establishment wins!

    . CLICK HERE for the list of Republicans who voted for Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House and gave the Chamber of Commerce and the Club for Growth exactly who they want. And what they want is someone who supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal which benefits international corporate giants...
  3. longknife

    The Next Speaker!

    Are you kidding me?
  4. J

    Paul Ryan needs to be primaried and not elevated to Speaker of the House

    It is only too obvious that our Washington Establishment, whose mission is to subvert our Constitutionally limited, Representative system of government, is surrounding the wagons in support of Paul Ryan. What does Paul Ryan stand for? FAST TRACK TRADE PROMOTION AUTHORITY Paul Ryan was on...

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