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    Conspiracy theories about religion

    I've been researching conspiracy theories for a few years, and recently I've been focused on the conspiracy of Christianity. Christianity is an ideal system for gaining control over a people, as it promotes traits such as submissiveness, a tendency towards blind obedience, and a reluctance to...
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    A conspiracy to suppress information on the Occult

    Does anyone else here think that there is a conspiracy to suppress authentic information about Occult power and the ways in which one acquires it? After researching this topic, I found much evidence that those in power desire to keep genuine spiritual power from average people. Many conspiracy...
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    Do you think Christianity is a conspiracy?

    I've been interested in conspiracy theories for a few years, and after researching this for some time, I believe that Christianity is definitely a conspiracy. Christianity serves as an excellent way of gaining control over a populace, as it promotes the development of character traits such as...

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