1. Litwin

    'They had nothing': Polish museum honours European slaves of Moscow Bolshevik Marxist gang

    " Eighty years on, the emotion is still raw for Elzbieta Smulkowa when she remembers her deportation to Siberia in 1941. "The worst was the hunger, the lack of heating and how it was impossible to help my mother any more," the 90-year-old told AFP at her home in suburban Warsaw. Smulkowa, her...
  2. Litwin

    Communist War On Religion, pure orgy of Satanism

    Communist War On Religion, pure orgy of Satanism When someone claims that Lenin was extremely sadistic with his opponents, Stalin says "hold my glass of vodka and I'll make everyone's life a living hell."
  3. 2

    Conspiracy theories about religion

    I've been researching conspiracy theories for a few years, and recently I've been focused on the conspiracy of Christianity. Christianity is an ideal system for gaining control over a people, as it promotes traits such as submissiveness, a tendency towards blind obedience, and a reluctance to...
  4. T

    A conspiracy to suppress information on the Occult

    Does anyone else here think that there is a conspiracy to suppress authentic information about Occult power and the ways in which one acquires it? After researching this topic, I found much evidence that those in power desire to keep genuine spiritual power from average people. Many conspiracy...
  5. G

    Do you think Christianity is a conspiracy?

    I've been interested in conspiracy theories for a few years, and after researching this for some time, I believe that Christianity is definitely a conspiracy. Christianity serves as an excellent way of gaining control over a populace, as it promotes the development of character traits such as...

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