sanctuary city

  1. B

    California Sanctuary

    I believe that there should be a border between California and Nevada and the border at Mexico be opened and unattended by any enforcement. All people coming up from mexico could then live for free in California since they believe the law doesn't apply anymore
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Liberals losing their shit over L.A. fund for illegal immigrant defense excludes violent thugs

    L.A. legal fund to fight immigrant deportations draws criticism over who deserves representation Fearing mass deportations under President Trump, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and County Supervisor Hilda Solis stood together in December to unveil a $10-million fund to hire lawyers to defend...
  3. P@triot

    Time to restore law in the U.S.

    For 8 years the left celebrated a lawless nation under Barack Obama. That is one of many reasons that the American people turned the entire federal government (and the overwhelming majority of state governments) to the Republican Party. Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to charge Rahm Emanuel...
  4. P@triot

    Time for President Trump to call in the National Guard

    Since all of these Dumbocrat domestic terrorists are egregiously violating constitutional federal law - it's time for President Trump to send in the National Guard and remove all of these people from power. Then ship them off to Guantanamo Bay where they belong (thank goodness Obama didn't shut...
  5. American_Jihad

    The Coming Sanctuary Cities Crackdown

    The Coming Sanctuary Cities Crackdown Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel begs President-elect Trump for leniency. December 9, 2016 Matthew Vadum Chicago is one of the best places to live in America if you’re one of the millions of illegal aliens present in the country -- and free-spending...
  6. American_Jihad

    Sanctuary Cities: Anatomy of a Disaster

    President Trump will take care of that problem with an executive order... Sanctuary Cities: Anatomy of a Disaster A look at the origins and consequences of a policy rooted in phony “compassion.” March 17, 2016 John Perazzo ... he sanctuary cities movement grew initially out of the...

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