russia investigation

  1. BookShaka

    Can you admit it’s a witch hunt yet?

    Considering the latest developments have NOTHING to do with Russia...
  2. deanrd


    Why won't the Trump administration say how many separated children are still in its custody? They will say how many kids they are holding total, but will no longer say how many they separated that are still in cages. Remember when they complained about transparency? They reason they are...
  3. EvilEyeFleegle

    Russia favored Trump in 2016, Senate panel says, breaking with House GOP

    Russia favored Trump in 2016, Senate panel says, breaking with House GOP That's right. The ENTIRE Senate Committee chaired by the GOP agrees with the US Intelligence Committee, breaking from trump. The House Intel Committee did not issue a joint report. Rather, the GOP on that committee issued...
  4. toobfreak

    Green Party Commie Bitch Jill Stein Refuses To Cooperate With Russia Investigation!

    What has the little commie socialist Jill Stein have to hide in the Russia probe? She was the one that had the audacity to demand a three state recount after the election which only showed more votes which should have been given Trump! Now she is refusing to comply with the Senate Intelligence...
  5. OKTexas

    If Putin..........

    Just a question, if Putin ordered the Russian meddling, why didn't Mueller name him as a co-conspirator? The media and the left have been claiming for almost two years Putins finger prints was all over the meddling. Was Mueller afraid to pursue and indictment? Your thoughts? .
  6. OKTexas

    Funny How Russia Probe Leaks Have Dried Up Since Comey's Firing

    Have you noticed the leaks involving the Russia probe have dried up since Comey was fired? Did the media suddenly learn their lesson about anonymous sources or do you think he might have been the source? Kind of makes ya go hummmmmm Discuss? .
  7. cnelsen

    Grassley publicly accuses Schumer of lying knowingly to the American people

    Respected Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley lambastes the treasonous--yes, treasonous--actions of the media and fellow senators Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein for their roles in the Comey/Russia circus. It's detailed and it's devastating. Schumer should be brought up on charges.
  8. OKTexas

    How Comey Described Himself

    These are some of the adjectives and phrases Jame Comey used to describe himself during his roughly 3.5 hours of oral and written testimony on June 8, 2017. They are in order he used them starting with the written statement he submitted. concerned me greatly made me uneasy it was very...

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