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  1. midcan5

    Russian Troll Talks

    Editor's note: Given the distractions and confusion caused by social media trolls we cannot confirm the authorship of this opinion piece, but we find its analysis interesting and at times insightful. Zdravstvuj, I am one of those people you read about. We are phantoms to some who think...
  2. Ecocertifmrl

    It's called the Trump brain fever

    Putin hooked up with Trump way before he ever announced applying for the seat of the president. How we know this? Well, it goes like this. Narcissism - of which Putin has with his propaganda missles spread a word regarding Obama being a narcissist (which is very usual for narcissist - to...
  3. MindWars

    DEFCON 3 & An Unprepared US Military-Do You Have a Place To Hide?

    DEFCON 3 & An Unprepared US Military-Do You Have a Place To Hide? The American military is posturing for war as best as it can. Of course I am referencing the tremendous handicap that Obama and his left win subversives have imposed on America. America is supposed to lose and our current Pr...

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