1. S

    Zone1 Good News

    Steve Bannon was found guilty contributing to the rioting of Jan 6. His sentence will take place in Oct. Bad news, It wasn't Donald Trump
  2. P@triot

    Town hall chaos exposes the left for who they are

    Pathetic - representative hosts a Town Hall to discuss with her constituents how to provide the services this nation owes to our veterans and the left busses in thugs just to disrupt the Town Hall. Moving forward - law enforcement (and conservatives) need to have a zero tolerance policy with...
  3. dcbl

    Inauguration protests turn violent, car torched

    more tolerance & acceptance from our friends on the left... is this a surprise to anyone? rioting, destruction & violence towards their fellow citizens - par for the course for far too many leftists - boy howdy, that sure will teach Trump a lesson - eh? or is the goal to intimidate people &...

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