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  1. NewsVine_Mariyam

    Ring and its doorbell cameras have partnered with over 400 police departments

    If a Ring owner declines to provide one of the law enforcement agencies the video footage they want and the agency deems it essential to their case, what is to prevent the requesting agency from simply issuing a subpoena for the footage, or the FBI from issuing a national security letter which...
  2. Wolfbitn

    Wikileaks Vindicated! US Intelligence Officially Verifies Government Child Sex Ring!

    Hello Everyone! I am new here, and breaking news that vindicates Mr Assange and Wikileaks! Everyone REALLY NEEDS to see this! U.S. intelligence reports verify high level government child sex ring in DNI report! Please SHARE!
  3. L

    Disengagement ring to gorilla: from Kim Kardashian West jewelry to Hurricane Matthew

    Kardashian West jewels to Hurricane Matthew's gorilla: set stage for manhunt for blacks: After reading the article below you'll know how the illuminati also married Kardashian West to hurricane Matthew's gorilla, albeit this time only figuratively, by timing and agenda. From UN aid convoy...

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