1. The Original Tree

    Who Is Worthy To Open The Scroll?

    You may ask what scroll, and I may answer you with a question. Do not all homes, all nations have a proclamation, a deed, and a title to them proclaiming who's lands they are, and for what purpose they exist, and for what boundaries they may be defined by and whom they belong to? I am a...
  2. ding

    What does it mean to repent?

    The Bible tells us that we are rebels. That we are at war with God. Christianity teaches that we can change. That we can transform ourselves. "...The word “repent” in the Greek is metanoia. Metanoia means to change your mind. Our thoughts, the flow of consciousness which determines our...
  3. anotherlife

    Happy Easter!

    The Lord almighty has risen, and has proven to all, that when you believe in Him, you will live. Another interesting thing, time itself is engineered by the Lord, as it goes on. What do you think of that?
  4. L

    Syria truce mockery: set stage for Osama resurrection at Jerusalem on Easter Sunday 2016 crucifed

    Feb 27, 2016: mockery "USA and Russia confirm Syria truce" sets the stage for the ultimate mockery, the show to end all shows. Will Osama Bin Laden resurrect Easter Sunday 2016 at Jerusalem, crucified to a Boeing 777? In one word: If the illuminati Grand Master thinks that the Syrian "truce"...

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