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  1. Frankenvoter

    People don't like freaky people making their food

    Publisher's Platform: Western Sizzlin’ in Ooltewah Tennessee closing due to Hepatitis A | Food Safety News Ooltewah restaurant where employee was diagnosed with Hep A is closing I cant find where the employee gave Hep-A to anyone, just that word got out that this restaraunt had a Hep-A'r in...
  2. Frankenvoter

    Restaurant cooks need screened for STD's

    Case of Hep. A identified in Urbana, Springfield Frisch's employee Apparently the up and comers in the medical profession feel Hep A is a "no big deal" disease, I have a nurse in training relative who was giving me the "pffftt" the other day when talking about restaurant cleanliness, "Oh, it's...
  3. Cellblock2429

    Restaurants are adding labor surcharges to help offset minimum wage increases

    BUT BUT BUT Libtards laughed when Republicans said higher minimum wages will drive up food costs. Restaurant diners are footing the bill for rising minimum wages. In lieu of steep menu price increases, many independent and regional chain restaurants in states including Arizona, California...

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