1. J

    The protection requiring a two thirds vote in matters of grave importance [impeachment]

    What is most important in this process to impeach a president is, the vote count, a simple majority, which allegedly authorizes Congress to continue in a process to impeach a president and nullify an election. The vote was 232 to 196, in favor of continuing in a process to impeach the...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    House approves resolution opposing Trump administration Syria troop withdrawal

    Trumps support in congress among Republicans is crumbling !! He should be awfully nervous about this with the impeachment issue looming. The only question is, what will the Senate do Syria House vote: Resolution opposing Trump administration troop withdrawal approved - CNNPolitics
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Breaking News Congress Tells Trump to Condemn Hate

    Congress To Trump: Denounce Hate Groups | HuffPost Now the question of course is, what will he do. If he signs it, his base will be apoplectic. If he does not, then, well, lets think about the implications of that. Ya think that he might be squirming right now?? “ . Prediction: He will...
  4. Fiero425

    Defense Budget being held up by Dem. Fillibuster

    Dems are holding up approval vote for "Continuing Resolution" to make a point concerning "guns" and funding for the Zika virus prevention I guess! They are not just going to roll over anymore since Republicans are playing games with hearings, appropriations, and pending recess for the summer...

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