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  1. P@triot

    There is nothing more regressive than progressives

    Liberals continue to block the progress of mankind. Their first attempt was with economics. They took us back to the 1800's - implementing Karl Marx's "from each according this abilities, to each according to his needs". And though it has collapsed economies around the globe, that wasn't quite...
  2. Never3ndr

    The Regressive Left Must be Stopped...

    The Regressive Left is getting out of control. Are we seriously going to start telling people what sort of hairstyle they can or cannot have, and get personally insulted if they have a hairstyle you don't agree with? What is America coming to? Shouldn't we have the freedom to have our hair in...
  3. Norman

    The religion of a regressive?

    Most not yet regressed people have only one religion or none at all. The regressives however seem to have two all time favorites that turn out to be just about equally as regressive. The religions of course are: Marxism - the godless ideology that is responsible for more deaths than any...

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