pseudo science

  1. justinacolmena

    Linnæus’ nomenclature of living things, pig latin & creationism vs. evolutionary science

    There are seven levels to the grand scientific naming scheme for life on earth. For example a human being is of: Kingdom Animalia (animals, rather than plants, fungi or protozoa etc.) Phylum Chordata (chordates: animals possessed of a spinal cord) Class Mammalia (mammals: warm-blooded animals...
  2. defcon4

    Doomsday Clock now 30 seconds nearer the apocalypse, because Trump

    Here it is, the Doomsday Clock A bunch of pseudo scientists came together and set their unscientific Doomsday Clock arbitrarily ahead by 30 seconds. They predict the Apocalypse is 2.5 minutes away, whatever that means. There is no timetable set for the increments on the clock. Doomsday can...

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