1. HaShev

    I stand corrected...

    Usually I'm 20 years ahead of the times, this time only 16 years, as another of my songs comes to fruition. The ending to the techno song "The Law" (2004) has an unreachable 911 number joke at the end, but today that is no joke, it's reality that made it's way into a RNC Trump ad about where...
  2. anotherlife

    Nostradamus 2.90: Sobiesky of Poland?

    Nostradamus has that quadrant about a great man, who saves Poland and Hungary. Sobieski fits this bill. He drove the Mongols out of Moscow, the Ottomans out of Vienna, thus re established Christianity in east Europe. Do you think Nostradamus meant Sobieski in his quadrant?
  3. HaShev

    Jesus worshipers predicted in OT?

    They are liars--Jeremiah 50:36. Are mad (lost their reason) upon their idols--Jeremiah 50:38. Believes they are gods--Isaiah 47:8, 10 Breaks bones of God's people--Jeremiah 50:17 Builds great image of man for all to worship--Daniel 3:1-7. Make Metal idols Leviticus 19:4, 1 Kings 14:9, Isaiah...

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