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project veritas

  1. Frankenvoter

    NH issues subpoena to James O'Keefe

    It's worth the 4 1/2 minutes, some scumbag voted twice, once in Florida and then again in New Hampshire, the Project Veritas camera was clearly visible when the P.O.S. admitted to having voted twice, and yet O'Keefe is being charged with violating the scumbags civil rights and the double voter...
  2. P@triot

    McCaskill busted

    This is who they are. They have absolutely no intention of serving as representatives. There intent is to lie, deceive, manipulate, and, con their way into office. And once there, they intend to abuse the powers of that public office for their own twisted, oppressive agenda. Any decent person...
  3. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Milo Yiannopoulos and Roger Stone announce lawsuit against Twitter

    I don't use Twitter, because it's been known for years now that Twitter is run by a bunch of liberal morons. I've never had a Twitter account, and I never will.
  4. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Donna Brazile corroborates Project Veritas story about Hillary hiring Donald Duck protesters

    ‘Kill the damn duck!’: Ex-DNC head Brazile describes clash over trolling Trump with Donald Duck costumes Hillary Clinton personally approved a plan to have demonstrators in Donald Duck costumes disrupt campaign rallies for Donald Trump — a stunt that triggered an angry confrontation between...
  5. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Project Veritas drops trailer, teasing more fraud by NBC, CBS, NY Times, etc.

    This is going to be great. :)
  6. prismsplay

    strategic false witness

    In societies where God's laws are respected, violations of "thou shalt not bear false witness" are despised and punished. During periods of physical warfare between societies respecting God's laws and societies coerced into acting in ways contrary to God's laws, strategic false witness by those...
  7. P@triot

    This is the proverbial nail in the coffin

    Conservatives have been totally and completely vindicated. President Trump has totally and completely vindicated. CNN has been exposed (thank God for Project Veritas). And Mika Brezinzski accidentally reveals her real feelings about the media ("it's her job to control what you think"). While...
  8. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Project Veritas releases new CNN video of producer doubling down on "stupid as shit" comment

    CNN is a dinosaur, and Project Veritas is the tar pit. This is why they're lashing out at a 15 year old kid who made a .gif and posted it on twitter.
  9. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Part 3 of Project Veritas' CNN story - CNN Producer Jimmy Carr: Voters "Stupid as shit"

    CNN is done.
  10. AsianTrumpSupporter

    CNN's Jeff Zucker is running scared from James O'Keefe/Project Veritas

    CNN is a dinosaur.
  11. AsianTrumpSupporter

    CNN producer admits Russia narrative is bullshit and just for ratings

    Clickbait News Network at it again.
  12. MindWars

    Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved

    Part III of the undercover Project Veritas Action investigation dives further into the back room dealings of Democratic politics. It exposes prohibited communications between Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the DNC and the non-profit organization Americans United for Change. And, it’s all disguised...

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