1. J

    Government mandated COVID vaccination and the rule of law . . . strict scrutiny

    . I thought it would be interesting to discuss a government mandated vaccine and the rule of law. The fact is, legally speaking, any government mandated vaccine, in order to not violate personal protected rights guaranteed under our system of law, must meet a “strict scrutiny” standard so as...
  2. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Facebook & Google caught paying teens to install apps on iOS that lets them spy on them.

    Facebook, Google Draw Scrutiny Over Apps That Collected Data From Teens In the latest revelation to raise privacy concerns about Silicon Valley's tech titans, reports have surfaced that Facebook and Google offered adults and teens gift cards for installing apps that would let the companies...
  3. toobfreak

    Beware How Your 'Smart' TV Is Spying On You!

    Realize that not just your phone, but your TV and other devices in your home are conspiring to collect data on everything you do, but you can stop some of it! How Smart TVs in Millions of U.S. Homes Track More Than What’s On Tonight Technology | Samba TV Audience Platform Not only is it...
  4. deanrd

    Supreme Court ruling: Carpenter versus the United States.

    Supreme Court says warrant necessary for phone location data The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of digital privacy. In a 5-4 decision on Friday the justices decided that police need warrants to gather phone location data as evidence for trials. The Supreme Court reversed and remanded the...
  5. P@triot

    A really bad business model

    I’ll be surprised if the Board of Directors for Yahoo, AOL, and Verizon don’t fire their respective CEO’s (and yes - even as a parent company - each business unit likely has their own board of directors and CEO’s). And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be surprised if Yahoo! or AOL are still in...
  6. P@triot

    We are literally living Atlas Shrugged

    Ever notice that everything for the "public good" always ends with more power for the government and more capability for their intrusion into the lives of citizens? Ayn Rand saw it coming. No. Not it doesn't. At all. It doesn't even remotely pose a "threat" to public safety. Quite the contrary...
  7. S

    Net neutrality is being threatened.

    Net neutrality is being threatened. I fear that president Trump and our current U.S. Congress will eliminate net neutrality and further reduce our privacy. The ease, speed, and availability of our participation within forums such as this one will be significantly reduced. Respectfully, Supposn
  8. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Facebook wants to interface directly with your brain

    Facebook Won’t Say If It Will Use Your Brain Activity for Advertisements Every year, Facebook gathers hundreds of developers, corporate allies, and members of the press to hear CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of our shared near future. The gathering is known as “F8,” and this year’s iteration...

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