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presidential eligibility

  1. TheProgressivePatriot

    Going Birther on Ted Cruz: I didn't want to do it

    When Trump started to attack Cruz for not being a natural born citizen and therefor ineligible to be president, my first reaction was -despite my loathing for the man and fear of a Cruz presidency- that it is a cheap shot. Of course he is a citizen, I said. His mother was an American Citizen...
  2. D

    Who will be US President in 2016 - Jesse Ventura : Must watch video

    Jesse Ventura talks about US current issues and also talks about us Presidential Election.
  3. washamericom

    presidential eligibility: all settled

    that's why it never comes up, since 2008. natural born citizen, and it's unique grandfather clause have been defined by the supreme court. wikipedia is wrong. when wong kim ark ran for president, in the 19th century, the supreme court was preparing for the 2008, 12 and 16 elections, and the...

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