1. JGalt

    Is anyone else carrying a Wupocalypse loadout?

    While the possibility of catching the Chinese Wuhan Virus exists, I'm also concerned about people going feral, as they sometimes do under these circumstances. So when I leave the house, I've started carrying a few simple household items that I call my Wupocalypse loadout. The loadout is in two...
  2. JGalt

    Surviving in a post-apocalyptic environment | Aftermath - Short film by Jeremy Robbins

    Not sure where to put this, so I dropped it here. It's a very well-done short movie about two brothers struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. I found it pretty hard to look away from.
  3. JGalt

    Nothing takes the chill out of the air like a kerosene heater

    It's going to be -60 tomorrow with the wind chill factor. We recently had a new furnace installed and the 500 gallon propane tank is full to 70% capacity. But when I'm in the garage dinking around, I like to run a kerosene heater, to add a little more warmth. Kerosene heaters create very little...
  4. P@triot

    We need a lot more laughing at preppers/survivalists

    Look at this "crazy" prepper/survivalist. While the rest of the people relied on government to "protect" them (because, you know, the government's Army Corp. of Engineers did such a bang up job with the damns in New Orleans), this "certified nut-job" took personal responsibility for himself, his...

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