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  1. D

    Paying over 2K/month premiums!!

    I need somewhere to vent and for someone to just listen to me as the Govt. seems like they don't care. I'm a married 43 yr old male in AL with 3 small children and a step-son that is 23. I make over 100K (not much over) so I don't get subsidies. My premiums are over 1,350K per month!! With...
  2. MindWars

    For years Infowars and others have warned the “Affordable Care Act” was unsustainable.

    For years Infowars and others have warned the “Affordable Care Act” was unsustainable. Now the Obama administration has confirmed health insurance premiums in 2017 will rise by an average of 25 percent across the country, with folks in some states set to see triple digit increases. Frustrated...
  3. MindWars

    Over 1 million Americans to become uninsured as Obamacare collapse accelerates

    Until we get rid of Obamacare this will continue to go up and up. HIllary will not make it affordable it will cost you even more by then she is not for the American ppl the rich get rich of dumb poor and middle class who keep voting in the same idiots with the same agenda. Americans were told...
  4. MindWars

    ObamaCare Premiums To Go Up By Double Digits

    The Obama administration said Monday premiums for Obamacare will increase by an average of 25 percent next year. The Department of Health and Human Services said each of the 39 states currently served by the federally run online insurance exchanges will experience different price hikes. Three...

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