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  1. S

    From Global Warming/Climate Change To Global Sunday Laws

    You have got to check this video out. The global climate change movement has not met a halt simply because Donald Trump is in office. Donald Trump is simply giving the power to Christians that are needed, so that with the global climate movement, they can enforce Sunday laws. And not only that...
  2. L

    Fake pope Francis in genocide scripts: abortion, refugees gassed in Europe's death camps

    Fake pope Francis in genocide scripts: abortion, refugees gassed in Europe's death camps Nov 21, 2016 Genocide of refugees in Europe's death camps: 7 and half months after illuminati released milestone video Video Greece: Refugee children fight barbed-wire with flowers and tears in Idomeni was...
  3. Brynmr

    Pope Francis is a complete idiot

    Top Muslim cleric from IRAN praises Pope Francis for saying it is wrong to identify Islam with violence | Pamela Geller Shirazi is a Muslim cleric. He knows what is in the Qur’an. He knows the Pope is wrong. But he also knows the Pope is useful to help deceive the West and keep non-Muslims...
  4. L

    Ecuador earthquake: Correa at Vatican, SANto padre FRANCISCO in Lesbos: visits to and by fake pope

    Three illuminati suicide bombers playing socialists visit the "socialist Vatican" Sanders comes together with two visitors from the cast of the series "leftists control South America" now turning into "leftists replaced by pro-american governments". As served in the Daily Mail article, a...
  5. L

    Fake Holy Father: Satanic Trilogy of genocidal announcements: Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos

    Satanic Trilogy of genocidal announcements:: Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos Fake pope in three genocide related parallel acts within one month: 1. "Pope Francis announces he is set to visit Auschwitz", 12 March 2016. Followed by two related announcements, not only to each other but both also...
  6. woz75

    Pope Francis Invites Juggalos to Exclusive Vatican Banquet

    Pope Francis Invites Juggalos to Exclusive Vatican Banquet Ok now I think the pope may have officially lost it Juggalos? That's like one step up from right-wing nutjobs
  7. longknife

    Pope's Music Festival

    Take a close look at the pope's face. The has-been is trying to sing her soul version of Amazing Grace and I almost rolled over laughing at the stunned look. I don't blame him. Even with an orchestra a choir behind her, it was so bad I had to turn off the volume. When do they ever learn...
  8. HaShev

    The Pope accidentally admits something abput his scarab church

    The Pope today said "MONEY IS THE DEVIL'S DUNG" Pretty funny that it paints a picture for the church with it's (dung) =money rolling beetle building the hills of (dung)=money, with the Bible warning they would be making their houses out of (dung)= Money.

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