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  1. Terri4Trump

    Trump’s Approval Rating Among Farmers Holds at 74 Percent

    ME: Farmers are the backbone of America and they feed the world. Liberals have lied a lot lately about Trump's tariff's hurting farmers. Well ladies and gentlemen (yes there are only two genders) lets see what the farmers say: Trump’s Approval Rating Among Farmers Holds at 74 Percent LINK...
  2. P@triot

    Here we go again...

    Same shit as 2016. You'd think at some point the nitwits on the left would learn that this polling nonsense is pure, unadulterated bullshit. There is absolutely no point in polling as it indicates absolutely nothing. It doesn't even give a general idea. Their polls had Hitlery winning in the...
  3. T

    TRUMP APPROVAL 52% in latest poll

    Seems The SOTU speech hit the mark with many what Marxist/Socialist/Communist/DemonRAT will be his opponent and TRYBTO RUIN OUR ECONOMY in thec2020 election.....From the far away I hear a singlevvoice yelling.....BERNIE if Hildebeast didn't cheat he might be president...
  4. P@triot

    “Some people just know how to win”

    When Donald Trump entered the business arena, he dominated. When Donald Trump entered the entertainment arena, he dominated. And when Donald Trump entered the political arena, he dominated. Despite never serving a single day in even the lowest public office of a rural town, he was elected...
  5. Cellblock2429

    Libs love polls. Here's one: 84 of Americans support turning illegals in.

    Once Libs see this, they will immediately reverse their position in illegals. I'm sure of it. Ex-Clinton aide: 84 percent of Americans support turning undocumented immigrants over to authorities. Prominent Democratic pollster Mark Penn said on Thursday that a vast majority of Americans don’t...
  6. A

    CDZ RCC Podcast: So what happened?

    Over the last few months, a bunch of people have been asking, how could this happen. While I’ve mostly remained silent during this election cycle, I do have my opinion on why things turned out this way. Now, part of my inexperience as a podcaster, and I had several things I wanted to talk...
  7. Cellblock2429

    52% View Trump Favorably

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters share a favorable opinion of Trump, with 30% who have a Very Favorable one. The president-elect is viewed unfavorably by 48%, including 37% with a Very Unfavorable view. (To see survey question...

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