police abuse

  1. toobfreak

    Cops, Ever The Assholes, Again

    I support the police, I try to believe in and trust them, but how do you mistake an 87 year old woman who does not understand English out in her yard cutting dandelions, and end up taser her within an inch of her life? Where is the fucking training? Dumb assholes with a license to kill you for...
  2. justinacolmena

    Anchorage Law Enforcement FAIL

    Anchorage Police Department Listen, you filthy city hall scumbag swine! "Established criteria" are not okay for directing youth in a free country. First fail. Policing is a an adult, 21+ business. Police officers use handguns and handle drunks. There is no "pathway to policing" for...
  3. Eloy

    Russian police arrest boy for reciting Shakespeare

    A 10 year-old boy (Grade 5 in USA) was arrested by a squad of police for reciting Hamlet in a street in Moscau. Video shot on a mobile phone has gone viral showing the distressed by screaming "Help me Help me!". This is what comes from operating a police state. It is a reminder why the...
  4. Lewdog

    HUGE favor: Law Enforcement Abuse of Power Research Survey

    For those that haven't read some of my posts, I'm currently enrolled as a Senior in Criminal Justice at Eastern Kentucky University. This semester I am taking a course in Criminal Justice Research. The main research project for the course involves doing a Criminal Justice Research Survey...

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