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  1. WarmPotato

    Dog Haters Thread

    Apparently there's a large community of online dog haters. The stigma around disliking dogs causes a lot of people to remain silent. And of course, dog owners fall into a disapproving rant whenever anyone insults the dog lover community. Of course, the one place where true feelings come out...
  2. toobfreak

    Some Small Good News In Turbulent Times

    Not all is bad news! For the first time ever, a kennel in Florida can celebrate having found homes for all its pets!
  3. OKTexas

    CA Looking For Another Constitutional Fight

    CA is now requiring pet stores to only sell cats, dogs and rabbits that come from animal shelters, effectively putting pure bread breeders out of business. I understand the motivation, but I doubt it's constitutional. You can't deny citizens of a legitimate living. California law bans pet...
  4. Y

    My cat brought home another mouse ...

    My cat caught and brought home another mouse last night just before bedtime. I had taken him on his usual 10 pm walk around the neighborhood, where he gets to run around and get exercise and climb up and down trees. He loves these walks of ours because he knows he is safe with me and that the...

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