1. Ancient lion

    Paula Fredriksen: Paul was NOT a Trinitarian

    "He’s living in a period where he’s not thinking in a Trinitarian manner. The idea of the Trinity hasn’t been conceived yet. His letters will have Jesus Christ in them; they will have God the Father in them; he will talk about the Spirit of God. Those are the textual origins that will be used to...
  2. HaShev

    TBN preacher Kerry Shook says Paul wrote 3/4 NT in Neros Prison

    Perhaps Kerry Shook needs to recognize what he's accidentally admitting. That being Paul and the NT is Forbidden according to little known law that is a warning to help us from making the greatest mistakes THROUGHOUT HISTORY. The Dead Sea Scrolls (4Q266 -7 fr 5) warned us of a rule they had...
  3. J

    Paul Ryan needs to be primaried and not elevated to Speaker of the House

    It is only too obvious that our Washington Establishment, whose mission is to subvert our Constitutionally limited, Representative system of government, is surrounding the wagons in support of Paul Ryan. What does Paul Ryan stand for? FAST TRACK TRADE PROMOTION AUTHORITY Paul Ryan was on...

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