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  1. EvilEyeFleegle

    Trump grants full pardon to George Papadopoulos and others

    along with many others.. . - President Donald Trump granted a full pardon on Tuesday to George Papadopoulos, a former campaign...
  2. EvilEyeFleegle

    Oklahoma approves largest single-day commutation in US history

    How about that? This is but one small step in what should be a nation-side effort--minor drug offenses and non-violent crimes need not bring harsh multi-year sentences---save prisons for the violent and the repeat offenders..and save us, the taxpayers, millions! Oklahoma approves largest...
  3. deanrd

    Another first: President Trump is the first president to pardon murderers.

    Most presidents don’t pardon murderers Trump crossed that line this month when he pardoned Michael Behenna, who had been sentenced to prison in 2009 for unpremeditated murder in the killing of an Iraqi detainee and released on parole in 2014 after his sentence was reduced. He's also looking at...
  4. Rambunctious

    Governor Brown should be jailed

    When will the people of the Golden State wake up? get that idiot out of office and send his merry band of dems in the legislature with him... Trump rips California governor for pardoning ex-cons facing deportation
  5. P@triot

    Obama continues to purchase votes for his party

    First he started by throwing trillions of dollars at anything liberal. "Green" energy companies. Studies. Universities. Etc. When that didn't work, and he got his ass kicked during the 2010 mid-terms, he unconstitutionally granted amnesty to illegal aliens in order to purchase the votes of them...

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