orlando shooting

  1. miketx

    More FBI fail - Orlando night club shooting

    And all liberal stooges can do is call for more gun control when we have LE fail after fail after fail. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Orlando nightclub shooter's father was a secret FBI informant...
  2. mlw

    The mystery of evil

    In view of the recent Orlando massacre, my article about evil nature is relevant. To acquire intellectual understanding helps against the anxiety caused by such events, if one is prepared to make an effort. Mysterium Iniquitatis -- The mystery of evil Abstract: Shadow projection, as the...
  3. guyfawkestruepirate

    Orlando Shooting Hoax

    This is very unacceptable we keep getting these fake shootings over and over again Sandy Hook Elliot Rodger Oregon- UCC UCLA Aurora and now Orlando whats next this crap has become a common thing and the sheep still have not awoken in 2016 come on people have some real sense not common...
  4. T

    mass shooting responses solutions

    Could someone please explain to me what republicans are thinking when it comes to the mass shootings? To be clear, I'm looking for a rational discussion or even just an explanation, and I'm trying to understand all the sides to an argument here. What response do republicans want to give to the...

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