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    Dr. Daniel Fine: Oil and gas: A look at what 2018 may bring

    Fine: Oil and gas: A look at what 2018 may bring Use the link above for the full article-> “Daniel Fine | Energy 12:24 a.m. MT Dec. 24, 2017 Trump leads mass deregulation effort; comeback seen for San Juan Basin The price of oil in 2018 will be volatile with commodity market traders selling on...
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    Definitely making America great again

    I have to salute you President Trump - you've been exceptional your first two weeks on the job. Quite possibly the most impressive first two weeks of a presidency in my lifetime. This will create jobs and - more importantly - create affordable energy for America. The exact opposite of what...
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    Progressive policies continue to negatively impact the U.S.

    Progressive policies continue to have a profound devastating impact on this country. This is just the latest example: "Fuel supplies in at least five states — Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas — were threatened by the spill, and the U.S. Department of Transportation ordered the...

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