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  1. HaShev

    Figuring out who's responsible for these missing Children found in Ohio through human trafficking This last week they found 45 more missing children in Ohio, and over 100 other human trafficking survivors. The operation called “Autumn Hope” was in...
  2. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden will lose Pennsylvania

    Just like in 2016, The Pollsters are lying to you to discourage voter turn out for President Trump. They narrow their points gap margins only immediately before the election so as to appear a little less inaccurate, so as to give a false cloak of legitimacy to their mission, and that is to...
  3. The Original Tree

    Ohio Joins The Attempt To Shit on The Constitution and Eliminate The Electoral College

    Ohioans might vote to ditch Electoral College. Who's behind the effort? That's a mystery DemNazis... If you cannot win fair, you need to change The Rules so you can cheat! We are in a Civil War. And The Dems are Invading this country from The Southern Border and attacking our Constitution in...
  4. RodISHI

    Columbus, Ohio giving money to CAIR?

    Insanity ruling in some of these cities around the country it seems. With poverty rising what are these guys/gals doing supporting illegal immigrants instead of caring for the people there first? Ohio’s capital city has launched a defense fund for illegal immigrants facing deportation and...
  5. The Original Tree

    Porky Rob Portman O-H-I-O! Obamacare & Medicaid Expansion

    Ohio is slowly becoming a welfare state & Obama Care is making the situation worse. Ohio's Obamacare expansion has already cost over $2 billion - (2015 stats) In a state of just 11 million people, Ohio's Government spends $111 Billion a year, and much of that spending is on...
  6. Lewdog

    I've Seen it All, 60 Minutes Tonight...

    A staunch Ohio female Republican on the show just said she can't vote for Trump... and yet instead of NOT voting, she is going to vote for Hillary, then turn vote for Republican Rob Portman so he can stop her from doing anything in the White House. Are you fucking kidding me? Why is this woman...

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