1. L

    Greetings from Lordbelmont

    How's it's hanging,
  2. Smashone The God

    Greetings to all

    How is everyone doing? Checking in from Fl via NY. Hope to settle in and check out all the different areas on here. Looking forward to talking with some of you.
  3. TheThirdView

    Guten Tag from germany.

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and I thought the best way to start is by using this thread. I'm a student of political sciences in germany and I am interested in american, european and worldwide politics. I don't affiliate myself with any particular party here, however in the US I would...
  4. B

    We Do Not Need a New President To Restore the Economy

    I wrote these about 8 years ago. I want to create a new set based on creating new industries that are very low risk, like electric car conversions from used cars, planting more fruit and nut trees in people's yards, helping seniors get into music by creating more old style turntables (there was...
  5. W

    Hello every

    I look forward to our discussions. I have many questions to ask and views to consider.
  6. LenKeis

    Hello Everyone!

    I just signed up. I'm looking to forward to stimulating discussions. Kind Regards, Len
  7. T


    My name is Michael, and I'm actually going to university for political science, so I'm all for debating and such. Politically I guess I'd consider myself independent: I actually tried starting my own political party platform, which you can see here on facebook with a description and such if you...

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