natural law

  1. ding

    The moral law

    If the universe were created through natural process and we are an accidental happenstance of matter and energy doing what matter and energy do, then there should be no expectation for absolute morals. Morals can be anything we want them to be. The problem is that nature does have a preference...
  2. ding

    Does God destroy what He creates?

    God does not destroy what He creates. How do I know? Well... first of all He has given us a Natural Law which tells us He does not destroy what He creates; The First Law of Thermodynamics which states that matter and energy cannot be destroyed or created. Since time and space were created...
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    America Was Built on Natural Law

    America Was Built on Natural Law As our forefathers sought to build “one nation under God,” they purposely established their legal codes on the foundation of Natural Law. They believed that societies should be governed, as Jefferson put it, by “the moral law to which man has been subjected by...

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