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  1. deanrd

    Tom Arnold visited by the Secret Service for violent language towards the president.

    Tom Arnold Responds to That Secret Service Visit Over His Tweets "Tone matters," he said. "Words can incite violence." In the same breath, he turned his attention back on Trump. "I'm sorry Donald Trump hasn't listened to you all the times you have had this exact conversation with him. I am...
  2. deanrd

    No one is asking why Trump is hiding in his hotel room in France.

    No one is asking why Trump is hiding in his hotel room in France. Trump ran on fear and lies and racism leading up to the midterms. He figured it worked so well to get him elected that it was sure to work again. Not only did Republicans lose the house in the landslide, but Trump knows...
  3. American_Jihad

    Globalist vs Nationalist

    Not to worry, the islamic beasts will mess it all up for the globalist beasts such as soros... THE GLOBALIST EMPIRE STRIKES BACK IN FRANCE The progressive elite breathes a sigh of relief. May 12, 2017 Bruce Thornton ... And if he tries to follow through on his campaign promises, he will...
  4. MindWars

    Globalism vs. Nationalism-The New Civil War

    Globalism vs. Nationalism-The New Civil War The Motivation to Attack Trump and Nationalist Movement All wars and revolutions first start in the mind. And from this perspective, America is already embroiled in a civil war. This civil war can be accurately characterized as the globalists vs. the...

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