muslim women

  1. anotherlife

    Muslim women kill more women in London today.

    Not long ago, half naked sunbathing girls in various French towns were attacked by Muslim women. Now English nursery nurses get attacked by Muslim women. Girls shouting 'Allah will get you' slash nursery worker on London high street Shouldn't we reintroduce the death penalty already, at...
  2. American_Jihad

    A God Who Hates Women

    The true war against women & the west... A God Who Hates Women The painful tale I have to tell -- after having lived most of my life in several Muslim countries. December 28, 2015 Dr. Majid Rafizadeh A God Who Hates Women is the title of my latest book, a memoir. I was driven to write it...
  3. Anonymous1977

    Are twerking videos allowed on the site...*INTERESTING* twerking videos that I'd like to expose

    So twerking is just a word for dancing sexually...I found some very interesting videos of religious women in religious garbs twerking that I wanted to share... Are twerking videos allowed, anyone know?... :)

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