1. NoVote

    Private Moon Landing Tomorrow

    When humans return to the Moon, it might not be NASA sending them. While America's next Moon rocket is billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule, a small Israeli company is poised to touchdown on the Moon tomorrow. Their robot named "Beresheet" is scheduled to land on Mare...
  2. Wuwei

    AGW on the moon!

    Astronauts caused warming on the moon. It came from Fox news, so it must be true. The reason the Moon warmed up? Blame the astronauts Scientists have finally figured out the reason behind a small but noticeable uptick in the temperature of the moon's subsurface while it was under study by...
  3. L

    Saturn’s spooky Death Star moon captured in closest-ever NASA image - for dummies

    Sphere Within Sphere Sculptures: Vatican v NASA, Earth v Universe on the eye-popping year NASA and the Vatican as you know it became operational within 28 days, October 1958. An in-depth analysis of their eye-popping sculptures just before 2017 becomes the eye-popping year. Introduction...

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