miss piggy

  1. defcon4

    Video surfaced about Trump's Miss Universe remarks!

    Finally we got the tape of Trump's remarks about Alicia Muchado! "If you will look at this original video of the supposed “fat shaming” incident you will see 1) that Donald Trump actually did save her job, and 2) he intervened to help her with a personal trainer to get her in perfect shape for...
  2. Peony

    Miss Piggy Doesn’t Care Either

    In 1996, Alicia Machado, aka Miss Venezuela won the Miss Universe pageant. During her reign as Miss Universe she gained weight. Some say it was as much as 60 pounds, she says it was 15. Whichever it was, the Miss Universe folks wanted her fired. Donald Trump, who owned the Miss Universe at...
  3. Toro

    Trump Doubles Down on Calling Miss Universe "Miss Piggy"

    A big reason why Trump has been rising in the polls is because he hasn't said anything really stupid lately. That's been a pattern with Trump since the primaries - when he doesn't say anything stupid, he rises in the polls. But then he says something idiotic and everyone remembers why they...

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