1. midcan5

    CDZ 'Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?'

    This is fascinating. Examples are mainstream today. Media and social media not only shows the incompetence, but they both show the reasons. The contorted apologetics. Excuses for incompetence acts abound. “It’s a law of the universe that 87 percent of all people in all professions are...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Georgia Bill Would Seek to Regulate Mens Bodies in Response to Abortion Bans

    Testicular Bill Of Rights: Georgia Bill Would Place Restrictions On Sexual Aides For Men Progressive Secular Humanist - See second story down I thought that this was hysterical! I am a married male and I am all for it! Although I don't live in Georgia . But seriously, it is time for men...
  3. deanrd

    Can anyone think of a law that legislates a man's body?

    Republicans want to take away the rights of women to manage their own bodies. Can anyone think of a law that also manages a man's body? I can't think of one. Maybe if we legislate men's bodies women will be less opposed to having their own bodies managed by strangers?
  4. toobfreak

    The New "In" Thing To Do! Bash Men!

    Without a doubt, there are some real jerks out there who have done bad things and need dealt with. Perhaps in some cases, they might be a victim themselves of circumstances or even have some problem that goes into the medical realm needing treatment. But it is quickly becoming clear a few...
  5. ding

    Men lead and women respond

    As a rule men lead and women respond. Now I know this may ruffle the feathers of some feminists, but it really is reality. What do women want from men? They want them to be superheros. To always do the right thing the right way for the right reason. They don't want them to be gross or...
  6. T


    3 weeks ago i watched fox, Hannity talked about how a homeless women defended the Trump star agianst black lives matter thugs. I feelt så bad for the women and i knew had to do something, a homeless woman that was beaten up for protecting our President Trump. i knew i had to do something, so i...
  7. anotherlife

    How to beat up women?

    I have spent time with a brutalized girl and learnt interesting things, maybe worth to share, for your thoughts. Also, I could say that this works on children and men the same way, so not even gender specific. Okay, so this is how it comes out. Looks like women's / people's minds are self...

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