1. Marion Morrison

    Melania commits fashion suicide.

    What was she thinking wearing this dress and getting pictures taken? :eek: It's just a matter of time before they all crucify her.
  2. deanrd

    Roger Stone adds even more nasty and disgusting sexual behavior to the GOP leadership.

    “Hot former model seeks exceptional, in shape muscular … studs for threesomes with herself and body builder husband,” read one ad, which including topless photos of Stone and his wife. Another ad specified: “No smokers or fats please." Stone initially denied the Enquirer story, claiming the ads...
  3. deanrd

    Monica apologized to Hillary. Why Sunny will never apologize to Melania.

    Monica Lewinsky: I would apologize to Hillary Clinton again Monica Lewinsky Says She Would Apologize to Hillary Clinton If They Met Today For one, Monica was an intern and not a porn star like Sunny or a soft core porn star like Melania. Monica probably knew Hillary Clinton. I'm sure that...
  4. S

    Is First Lady Melania Trump Finally Moving Into The White House?

    The First Lady and her son are expected to move homes this summer. I got my source from that site : Here What do you think guys ? spicyj Please DO NOT make thread titles in all caps.
  5. L

    Melania Trump from TRANS New Town: Michelle Obama to Disarm US citizens: script line source

    Trump town: Melania from TRANS New Town: Michelle, Disarm US citizens Melania Trump from Novo mesto, Slovenia - where this BIG BANG script line comes from Introduction - added Feb 2, 2017 Illuminati media headlines: Melania Trump, America's low-profile first lady Transcript: - She was also...
  6. cnelsen

    Even by modern, cataclysmically hysterical standards

    Even by modern, cataclysmically hysterical standards, the postelection histrionics by the losers take the proverbial cake. Poor Graydon Carter, the Vanity Fair honcho. He wrote things about the Donald I would not dream of writing about an African-American hero like O.J. Simpson. I advise my...
  7. woz75

    Melania Trump To Promote Healthy School Lunches, More Exercise As First Lady

    Man, she might not be such a horrid First Lady after all....Such great original ideas and her speeches have been just terrific. “I would like to speak with schools to help improve the diets. Too much fat and sugar are on school menus, and there is not enough exercise. I hope to bring awareness...
  8. Fiero425

    RNC Convention A Disaster; Melania Trump Speech Lifted from Michelle Obama

    Speechwriters for Trump got lazy and it was discovered by MSNBC that 22 of 26 words were directly plagiarized from speech from DNC convention given by Michelle Obama! :ack-1: :banana: :321:

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