marco rubio

  1. P@triot

    Breitbart conspired against Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio

    I always had tremendous respect for the Breitbart news sites when Andrew Breitbart was around and running them. They were one of the few sites that would report the truth. But clearly, since his passing, it has deteriorated into something unethical and untrustworthy. Let's hope that this ends...
  2. TeaBagger

    Marco Rubio Serial Liar

    Before there was zero tolerance in schools when it came to schoolyard fights, punk bitches like Marco Rubio got their punk bitch asses kicked. A beat down or two was usually enough to teach them some much needed humility and honor. Marco Rubio is a punk ass do nothing bitch weasel who will not...
  3. Dianna Jane

    Is Marco Rubio most Like Ronald Reagan?

    Next year could be the greatest America has ever seen. I believe the man who supports the same conservative values as President Ronald Reagan, is Senator Marco Rubio. In addition, Rubio is the only Conservative candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton. If either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz win the...

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