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  1. S

    Blast From The Past: Buchanan claims Nancy Pelosi marched with NAMBLA in Pride Parades

    Can anyone confirm this? I know NAMBLA marched in Pride Parades in the '70's & 80's.
  2. deanrd

    Saturday, June 30, Meeting at Daly Plaza in Chicago 11 AM. Stop the Attacks on Children March

    Families Belong Together – Chicago March | IATSE Local 769 Chicago What some parents say: We have two sons. Sebastian is 3, Francisco just 5 months old. I cannot imagine the emotional trauma my boys would experience if they were to be separated from Vanessa and me. But that’s what's happening...
  3. American_Jihad

    Communist comrades came through, big time -- at the Washington rally

    Communist, socialist, progressives, libtarts, marxist, maoist, etc, we have all the swill of the world right here in the good ole USA, I guess we can thank Emma Lazarus... Women’s Marchers, Unite! Communist comrades came through, big time -- at the Washington rally. January 27, 2017 Paul...

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