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    God created man in his own image. Man occupies a unique place in creation. God in his own nature unites the spiritual and material worlds and established his friendship. Of all visible creatures only man is able to know and love his creator. He is called to share, by knowledge and love, in...
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    Is man a religious being?

    Catholics believe that The dignity of man rests above all on the fact that he is called to communion with God. This invitation to converse with God is addressed to man as soon as he comes into being. For if man exists it is because God has created him through love, and through love continues to...
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    The account of Adam and Eve is allegorical

    The account of Adam and Eve is allegorical. It is the account of how man knows right from wrong and when he violates it he rationalizes that he didn't violate it, but he never abandons the concept of right and wrong.

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