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  1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Restaurant die-off is first course of California’s $15 minimum wage

    Restaurant die-off is first course of California’s $15 minimum wage In a pair of affluent coastal California counties, the canary in the mineshaft has gotten splayed, spatchcocked and plated over a bed of unintended consequences, garnished with sprigs of locally sourced economic distortion and...
  2. Motti

    Staggering Number Of Homeless In LA Shows How Tough It Is To Get By

    The number of homeless people in Los Angeles is skyrocketing. In just one year, the figures revealed that the homeless population in the city grew 20% while the numbers for the wider Los Angeles County were even higher at 23%. As if looking at those numbers isn’t cringeworthy enough, The Los...
  3. MindWars

    Los Angeles plans 10m legal fund for illegal immigrants

    http://www.infowars.com/los-angeles-plans-10m-legal-fund-for-illegal-immigrants/ “LA Justice Fund” is a joint effort by the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County In an effort to defy federal immigration law and an upcoming plan by President-Elect Donald Trump to tighten immigration...
  4. G

    Do you believe this L.A. Times story is true?

    Attack on family in Compton latest incident in wave of anti-black violence I've heard of fake stories planted in papers but do you believe that this story is true?

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